Version 2.1


September 18, 2022
  1. New Features
    1. Ability for reports to be sent directly to clients via email
      1. will now have the ability to send scheduled emails with selected reports attached so that MealTrack users can easily have access without needing to log in.
    2. All-new Future Orders Capability on My Meals
      1. Customers will have the opportunity to navigate into menu options for the weeks to come and pre-select meals of their choice
        1. Customers will only be charged for their pre-selected meals once their subscription renews into that future week
        2. This feature is only accessible to customers who have existing subscription plans
        3. This feature must be turned on for customers to have access to create future orders within their Customer Accounts
        4. Improvements made to the week-to-week navigation tool on the My Meals page
    3. New Styling and Functionality updates implemented in the ‘Create Next Order’ pop-up on
      1. The “create next order” pop-up window has received a new look! MealTrack users will have the ability to easily select multiple weeks and create several orders by selecting the all-new “Backfill” option. In addition, MealTrack users will be able to create future orders on behalf of their customers within the same pop-up window.*
    4. Pick-up Locations can now have different pick-up dates
      1. Pick-up Locations can now be set with different delivery schedules as opposed to your standard delivery days. Previously this functionality only existed for delivery orders*
    5. Improvements made to Customer Password Security and Customer Account Creation
      1. Upon clicking on the link provided in the password recovery email, customers will be redirected to the newly styled “Reset Password” page*
      2. Passwords will require 6 or more characters*
      3. Additionally, Mealtrack users will have the option to send new and existing customers a ‘set password’ email through the Customer Dashboard page or create a password on the customer’s behalf*
      4. Mealtrack users will have the ability to login as a customer on the Customer Dashboard page. This will allow customer service users to access a customer’s profile and act on their behalf if requested or required**Please contact us for more information about this feature.
  2. Improvements
    1. Improvements made to the Delivery Address information pop-up on the Checkout page
      1. The address pop-up window will now auto-fill any address that is saved to a customer’s browser which in turn will save time during checkout
  3. Fixed Issues (Bugs)
    1. Speed Enhancements
      1. Performance improvements regarding loading time in various areas throughout MealTrack