Version 2.1

1 & 2

June 21, 2021
  1. New Configurable Features
    1. The Modular Order Flow feature allows you to set up the order flow for your programs in the way that works best for you. By using the Order Flow Builder, you can mix and match questions about recipes, meals, days, and more! Here are some examples:
    2. Subscription Renewal Confirmation Email – This will automatically send emails to customers when their subscriptions renew.
    3. Login with Facebook – This lets your customers create and access their accounts with Facebook. This reduces the number of actions a site visitor needs to take in order to become your customer!
    4. My Meals Page – This provides a convenient place for your customers to quickly view or change their orders.
    5. Delivery Zones – For those of you managing delivery schedules, Delivery Zones will help you quickly plan the most efficient routes for your drivers, based on your customers’ locations.
    6. Company Branding – This allows you to quickly and easily make updates to your branding—colors, font, text size settings, and more—whenever you want.
    7. PayPal* – This lets you accept payments through PayPal.
      *This is only available for our clients that use
    8. Introducing the Apple Pay Beta*! – If you are interested in participating in a Beta test for accepting payments through Apple Pay, please contact us!
      *This is only available for our clients that use
  2. New Kitchen Management System Feature & Improvement
    1. Gift Card Redemption Feature – Existing gift cards can now be added on the Invoice tab of a customer’s account.
    2. Time Zone Improvement – Most critical information is now adjusted to the user’s local time zone.
  3. New MealTrack 2 Feature Improvements
    1. Order History Details Displays – Order Histories on your customers’ “My Account” page now show all applicable order details for each order.
    2. Register/Login Page – These two pages have been combined into a single page.