Version 2.1

Version 2.0

January 24, 2024

New Features:

  1. Revamped Ordering Flow Pages
    MealTrack is thrilled to introduce the updated ordering flow pages. Customers will now be greeted with a refreshed Login, Locations, Checkout, Gift Card, and Thank You page.Tenants now have the option to request a specific site background color, which will be displayed on the ordering flow pages, as shown in the images below*.*This is available upon request.
  2. Login Page
Upon navigating to the Login screen, customers will be greeted with a sleek and modern design.
Customers can easily switch from Log In to Sign Up by switching between the tabs above the form fields.

3. Locations Page

The Locations page can now be configured in a variety of ways, icons and other formatting capabilities have been added to the platform. These configurations are available upon request.

4. Gift Cards Page

The new and improved Gift Card page now allows an email with the purchased gift card is to be sent to the recipient on the delivery date selected at the time of filling out the Gift Card form.

5. Checkout Page

The Checkout Page has been significantly revamped. Customers will now encounter a sleek and modern design.

Customers will have the ability to switch between Delivery and Pick-Up when checking out.
Customers can easily switch to a different Pick-Up location when checking out.
All delivery-related tasks can be managed from a single screen.

6. The Ability to Manipulate the Cart During Checkout

Tenants can now enable the ability for their customers to edit their carts once they have navigated to the Checkout page.

Selecting the Edit button on the Order Summary dialog activates the quantity control buttons that allow customers to remove or add meals that equate to the number of meals on their order and only the recipes that have been added to the cart.
There are two modes of cart editing that can be configured. Please contact our support representatives for more information.

7. Thank You Page

The Thank You page has been updated and can now be configured to display a range of elements such as text, links, and more.

New Ordering Flow Customizable Components

  1. Customizable Favicons
    Custom favicons can now be configured to display*

*This is available upon request.

2. Ordering Flow Banners

We are actively working to enhance the configurability of our ordering flow, and we’re thrilled to introduce the new Banner component! Tenants can use it effortlessly for marketing promotions, or simply to aesthetically enhance their ordering flows*.

*This is available upon request.

3. Split Header, Cut-Off Timer, and Breadcrumb Ordering Flow Components

Split headers can be used to subtly promote discounts or special offers. They allow tenants to display marketing promotions, social media links, or other copy. Beneath this, a second header can be configured to display a countdown timer for order placement, breadcrumbs for navigating the ordering process, or classic links like ‘Home’ or ‘My Account’*.

The Split Header configured with the cut-off countdown timer.
The Split Header configured with the ordering flow breadcrumbs.
The Split Header configured with the classic navigation menu.

*This is available upon request.

4. Refactored Meal Labels on

Meal labels have been redesigned and restyled. As shown in the images below, we have updated the appearance and formatting of 10×3 and 4×2 meal labels. The labels will now have various configurations that allow for the display of specific elements, such as the company logo, customer preparation instructions, linked preferences, recipe name, and macros*.

Displayed above are the 4×2 meal labels.

*This is available upon request.

5. Skip Days on One-Time Orders

We’ve introduced flexibility to one-time orders by giving tenants the option to let their customers skip days. In our previous release, we added the ability to configure multi- week one-time orders. Now, if customers have placed a multi-week order, they can use the new ‘Move’ feature to carry over skipped days to the following week. This ensures customers receive the number of days of service they’ve paid for, regardless of the days they skipped*.

*This is available upon request.


  1. Updated Recipe and Product Cards on My Meals
    With each release, our focus is on enhancing the cohesiveness of our entire application. In this latest version of MealTrack, we have made the recipe and product cards on the My Meals page identical to those customers interact with on ordering flows.
    Customizable recipes are fully supported and can be updated directly on the My Meals page. Additionally, meal compatibility symbols and other card elements are now also visible on the My Meals page.

2. Performance Improvements with Regard to Menus throughout MealTrack
The performance of the Set Menu page has been improved by introducing the automatic archival of old default meals. This enhancement is meant to significantly improve the loading speed of the menus throughout MealTrack*.*Those with recurring menus are not affected.

3. Performance Improvements on the Orders Page in My Account
Performance improvements have been made to the Orders page in My Account. Customers with a high number of orders will now experience better loading times when navigating to this page.


  1. Order Calculation Fixes
    Small calculation fixes have been made throughout the MealTrack platform.