Version 2.1

Version 2.1

May 30, 2024

New Features:

  1. Recipe Customization
    We have expanded on our Recipe Customizations feature. Improvements have been made to the overall experience of configuring customizable ingredient options on the back end as well as the customer experience on the front end.  
    Tenants will have the ability to configure multiple ingredient options for a single recipe. They can establish the display sequence and select which options are chosen by default.
    Recipe Cards with customization options will now display a “Customize” button and when selected a “Customize Meal” screen is displayed. When the Recipe Auto-Selection feature is enabled, the ordering process will automatically select the best-matching ingredient options based on the recipe type and omissions chosen by the customer. A further expansion of the Recipe Customization feature can be expected in a future release.

2. The Ability to Choose Which Orders to Apply Subscription Changes to in My Account

Front-end customers will have the ability to choose which orders they’d like to apply major subscription updates to.When cancelling or pausing a subscription on the Subscriptions page in My Account, a Cancel Upcoming Orders? dialog will display* allowing customers to carefully select which orders they would still like to have delivered**.

*This will only apply to orders that are not considered past the cutoff.

**Cancelation or Pausing Subscriptions on My Account feature needs to be enabled.

In addition, tenants will have the option to allow their customers to apply any subscription changes like their meal bundle program selection, days of the week selection, meal quantity selection, meal size selection, and products selection to upcoming and future orders of their choice.

3. The Ability for Customers to Select and Apply Partially Used Gift Cards on the Checkout Page

Customers with partially used gift cards linked to their accounts can conveniently apply them during checkout without inputting the gift card numbers.

When selecting the “Add Gift Card” button during checkout, a “Used card balances” section will appear in the Gift Cards entry dialog. This section will also display the remaining balance on any previously used gift cards. For the time being, customers will only have the ability to select one gift card (in cases where they may have multiples).

4. Ad-Hoc My Meals Selection Mode
We’ve enhanced the configurability of meal selection modes on the My Meals page within My Account. Tenants now have the option to enable an “Ad-hoc” selection mode. Combined with the Recipe Auto-Selection feature, this simplifies the experience when adjusting meal quantity. Customers can now freely choose the number of meals in their order using the plus and minus buttons on recipe cards, emulating an a la carte meal selection style for any subscription order.


  1. Improved Performance of Menu Retrieval
    Improvements have been made to enhance the performance of menu retrieval when it’s fetched on the front end.
  2. Improved Communication for Short Week Orders in the Ordering Process
    Tenants can now have the option to optionally configure a Short Week message for customers that are placing a short week order on the front end.
    When configured, customers will be able to see it in the cart.


  1. Better handling of Delivery Updates on My Account
    Performance fixes have been made to the Delivery Update features on the Orders page in My Account.