Version 2.1

3 & 4

October 13, 2021
  1. New Configurable Features
    1. Experience Improvements to the New Modular Ordering Flows
      1. Slider vs. Grid View: The ability to configure the way a Recipe Card displays on an ordering flow
        • Slider View
        • Grid View
        • Ability to pin the date to the top of the order when selecting recipes
        • Ability to scroll in recipe card for nutritional label image
        • Delivery Zones: The ability to define delivery patterns differently based on geography
    2. Program Based Location & Sequencing: The ability to configure the sequence of how locations are displayed and to be based on a specific program.
    3. Email Customization: The ability to send customized emails for customers that have not placed an upcoming order and customers who have not selected meals for their current orders. This is helpful for when customers forget to choose their meals or place an order!
  2. Kitchen Management System Updates
    1. Process Recipe Improvements: There have been improvements made to the processing recipes function that you can opt-in to!
    2. Favorite Recipes: The ability to favorite a customer’s recipe and allow it to default to their assigned meals if available.
  3. What to look forward to in the rest of 2021:
    1. Re-vamp of the My Account
    2. User Ability to Resume Abandoned Carts
    3. Improvements and Additions to Email Communications
    4. Ability to Configure Customer Restrictions for My Meals
    5. Limited Meal Customization Capabilities