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Billed annually at $1,699
Notable features include...
  • Order Fulfillment
  • One-time Orders
  • Custom Delivery Scheduling
  • User-Customizable Email Templates
  • Customer and Order Management
  • Tech Support via Email
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Billed annually at $4,500
Everything in Growth, plus...
  • Custom Order Flows
  • Regional Scheduling
  • Customized Email Templates
  • 1:1 Access to MealTrack team for questions and personalized training
  • Premium white-glove experience
  • Text Messaging Capability
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Frequently Asked Questions
GeneralizedFront EndMy AccountBack End


Who are you and why did you create MealTrack?
Will my subscription auto renew?
What is the fastest way to contact you?
Can I cancel anytime?
Which countries have payment support?

Front End

Do you integrate with my landing page, or do I have to use your landing page?
Do you integrate with Wix?
What other integrations are available?
Do we integrate with ShipStation, or can we work directly with UPS/FedEx?
Will my clients be redirected to your website?
Will my clients see MealTrack when they order or my company’s name?
What is an order flow? Can I have multiple order flows?
Can I set-up multiple order flows?
Can my clients choose their own meals? What if I want to choose their meals for them?
Will I be able to set a cut off time/date?
Who do I use for a payment provider?
How many pickup locations can I list?
(A LaCarte) Are the filter options configurable?
(OrderFlow) Can I include macronutrient information?
(OrderFlow) Can I add an “up sell” area/place to offer additional items?
What kind of payments can my customers use at the time of checkout?
Can I add a discount code section?
Can we have a referral program?
(MealBundle) Do I set the price and meal amount per bundle?
(Subscription) Do I have to offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks?
(Subscription) Can I set the number of days they can receive their meals?
(Orderflow) Can I add an area for allergy/dietary preferences?

My Account

Can my customers choose their meals through this portal?
Can my customers manage their subscription/meal bundles in this portal?
What happens if my customer doesn’t need to receive meals on a certain day (or a few days)?
Can my customer cancel through this page? Can I make it so they can’t cancel through this page?
Will my customers see when the cutoff date and time is? How about the delivery date?
Will my clients be able to see their invoicing on this portal?
What if my clients want to increase/decrease the number of meals they receive via subscription/meal plan?

Back End

What information will I see when I receive an order?
Is there a customer profile where I can take notes for each customer?
Can I send gift cards? Are they virtual or hard copies?
How would you handle a refund? Could that go towards my customer’s next order?
(Recipes) How do I add a recipe once I send you the ones I already have?
(Recipes) Do you upload my recipes for me?
Where do I note how my customer prepares their meal items?
(Recipes) Can I put a note on the front end that shows that an item is Gluten Free/Dairy free/Low Calorie/etc.?
(Recipes) CanI change the metrics on the units for my ingredients?
(Recipes) How do I add macronutrient information?
(Process Recipes) What is this page for?
(Shopping List) How do I figure out how much I need for production?
(Production Report) Where can I find a total list of what I need to produce for the day?
(Meal Labels) How big are the labels?
(Meal Labels) Can I customize the labels?
(Packing Slips) Where do these go?
(Packing Slips) Do I have to include preparation notes?
What kind of reporting do you have available?
I don’t see a report I would need; how would I find that?
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