Version 2.1


August 18, 2022
  1. New Features
    1. New Subscription Update Flow Features
      1. Subscription updates are now configurable (similar to how we configure Order flows). The following concepts are available for configuration into the update flow:
        1. Order Requirements*
        2. Recipe Type (dietary lifestyle)*
        3. Meal Size*
        4. Omissions*
      2. You can now make updates to the following information within their Subscription (if configured on KMS):
        1. Recipe Type
        2. Meal Size
        3. Omissions
      3. Meal size and recipe type changes can optionally clear cart contents to enforce a singular selection of each concept, if desired.
    2. New Communication Features (Email & SMS/Text)
      1. Customers can receive a formatted email upon:
        1. Selecting or removing recipes on My Meals page*
        2. Canceling a subscription*
        3. An administrator on KMS cancelling a subscription*
      2. If you’re looking for previous Email communications in the customer dashboard, you will find the tab has been re-labeled ‘Communications’ to better align with our increasing ability to communicate via text as well.
      3. Sent SMS text messages will now display on the Communications tab (as suggested above)
      4. Changes to customer’s Communication Preferences will now be displayed on the audit trail.
    3. New Configurable Features
      1. The Order Flow cart is now highly configurable, with the ability to customize text and other contents. It can be altered on a per-flow or per-program basis to best reflect the information most useful to your customers as they check out.
      2. Orderflows that feature the ‘Meal Size’ chooser will now have the option to leave meal-types unfiltered by allowing the user to select an ‘All’ option.*
      3. A brand-new ‘Billing Information’ page now exists within a customer’s account.
      4. The ‘Orders’ page now contains a detailed invoice for each customer order.
      5. Subscription customers selecting meals via ‘My Meals’ can enjoy a tabbed display for navigating larger menus, if desired. This feature will allow more real-estate to be given to individual meal types (such as dinner) and allow customers to easily navigate to other meal types using tabs on the side (or along the top for mobile users).*This feature is available upon request. Please contact us for more information.
  2. Other Improvements
    1. Products display in the “Order Details” section of Orders Page
    2. Styling Updates to Recipe Cards and Checkout page
    3. Performance improvements throughout the system
    4. Display Notes and Cancellation Reason on ‘Order Details Report’ & ‘Subscription Cancellation Report’ on Mealtrack