Version 2.1


June 20, 2022
  1. New Features
    1. The All-New Profile Page
      1. Customers will have the ability to navigate to a brand-new Profile page within customer account and have the option to update their profile information. In addition, the current Dashboard page will no longer be visible as part of this release, however, the same information will be available within the new pages added to the Customer Account.
    2. The All-New Subscriptions Page*
      1. Customers will have the ability to navigate to a brand-new Subscriptions page within their customer account and make changes to their subscriptions.
      2. As part of this release, customers will have the ability to update the days of the week, number of meals, and the products they are subscribed to by navigating through the “Subscription Update Flow” experience (similar to Order Flow).
    3. Creation of Future Orders on My Meals*
      1. Customers will have the ability to create “Future Orders” on the My Meals page within their customer account. Future Orders will allow customers to select meals and products for weeks in the future. Future Orders will not be considered active orders until they are renewed into.
    4. New SMS Feature**
      1. The all-new SMS feature on will grant MealTrack clients access to send customers text messages for purposes such as Delivery Reminders, Order Confirmations, Subscription Updates, etc.
    *This feature is available upon request. Please contact us for more information.
    **Only US numbers are supported at this time.
  2. Improvements
    1. Updates to the Order Confirmation & Renewal Order Confirmation email templates
      1. Order Confirmation and Renewal Order Emails have received a new look!
      2. Configurations have been added to display Product pricing
    2. Styling Updates to buttons & fonts throughout
    3. More Styling Updates on Custom Subscription Cards
  3. Fixed Issues (Bugs)
    1. Fixed Safari Logo Display issue on the Locations Page in Order Flow