Version 2.1


November 20, 2022

New Features

  1. Apple Pay x Stripe Integration
    1. Companies that use Stripe as their payment provider can now offer their customers the option to use Apple Pay at checkout.
MealTrack Meal Prep Business Software - Add New Card mobile view

2. Scheduled SMS and Email Communications

  1. Emails and Text Messages can now be sent to customers at a configurable and scheduled cadence on the Manage Communications Templates page.
Add New Scheduled Communication Modal
By selecting the Add button on the Manage Communications Templates page, a user will have the ability to create a scheduled communication template.*
Edit Scheduled Communication Modal
Users can edit the configured scheduled communication templates in the Edit Schedule dialog seen in the image above.

*For further details about this new feature feel free to contact us at any time.


  1. Visual updates to MealTrack’s ordering flow
    Order flow has received a facelift! Images below capture the revamped areas of MealTrack’s configurable ordering front end.
    These are all configurable settings that are available upon request.
    1. Recipe & Product Cards
Recipe Cards
Desktop view of recipe cards configured in the revamped Slider setting.
Recipe Details Modal
The “See More” dialog for recipe cards has received a sleeker design. Nutritional Facts can easily be rendered upon entering them on
Mobile view of recipe cards.
Mobile view of the “See More” dialog (General Information tab).
Mobile view of the “See More” dialog (Nutrition tab).
Product Cards displaying in a slider on desktop. Prices now display on the top left corner of all cards (including Meal Type and Recipe Cards).

2. Recipe Type Configurable Display

Recipe types can now display as cards on the front end. Images may also be configured if desired.
The classic button setting for Recipe types can now display Recipe Type descriptions in tooltips.

3. Improved Meal Subscription Cards

Meal Subscription cards have also received an updated look, they look similar to recipe and product cards as a way for us to implement and support design consistency throughout the front end. Cards can also display in a “Details Overlay” setting which can be seen in the image attached under Thursday.
Meal Subscription cards in mobile view.
“See More” dialog displaying on mobile.

4. Omissions

Ingredient omissions or dislikes can be configured to display separately by categories. Customers will be able to collapse and expand categories and view the number of dislikes selected.
Omissions displaying on mobile.

2. Usability Improvements on the Manage Postal Codes page
Adding and editing postal codes will now be an easier task with the recent updates implemented on the Manage Postal Codes page.

By selecting the new +Add Postal Code button a new row will be created on the Postal Codes table which allows users to easily enter all the applicable and required fields while in-line editing.
Bulk changes can now be done in an easier and user-friendlier manner.