Version 2.1


April 12, 2023

New Features

  1. Automatic Recipe Selection and Ingredient Replacement
    1. MealTrack is excited to unveil the new Automatic Recipe Selection feature*! Customers can now have recipes automatically selected for them based on their dietary restrictions, food allergies, and/or preferences. Automatic Recipe Selection can also be enabled for renewal orders, making recipe processing much more time efficient.
    2. Recipe cards can now display compatibility symbols to inform customers which recipes match their preferences, which have been modified, or which are not a match.
    3. Note: Customers can now open the Recipe Card Details dialog by selecting any part of the recipe card.
When customers navigate to recipe selection, recipes are automatically selected based on their dietary preferences. Customers can still manually select recipes of their choice suggested recipes have been cleared.
Recipes that do not conflict with a customer’s omissions or dislikes will display a “Good Match” symbol, which can be configured.
Recipes that have been modified to meet a customer’s preferences display another symbol—also configurable—to inform them that conflicting ingredients have been swapped or skipped.
When the “Swapped” symbol is selected, the card details dialog will appear and inform the customer which ingredients have been replaced and what they have been replaced with.
Recipes that conflict with dietary preferences or restrictions will display a “No Match” symbol. This symbol is also configurable and informs customers that a recipe is not considered a match.

*These features are available upon request

Front-end Recipe Filtering

  1. In this release, companies can also benefit from the new Recipe Filtering feature*! The Recipe Filtering feature grants customers the ability to filter recipes based on various criteria such as Meal Types, Ingredients, and Dietary Lifestyles, making it easier than ever to find their perfect recipes when ordering.
Recipe filter options can be configured in many ways that best adhere to a company’s ordering flow.
Sorting in alphabetical, pricing, or suggested recipes can be configured for Recipe and Product cards.

2. Front-end Recipe Filtering

1. Custom recipe symbols can now be configured and displayed on recipe cards*. This allows companies to categorize recipes in any way they see fit, making them easily recognizable to customers on the front end.

Companies can configure a variety of symbols to help your customers easily recognize recipes during the ordering process.

*These features are available upon request

3. Ability to Move Meal/Delivery Days on

  1. On the Order Details page, it is now possible to move meal/delivery days to a different delivery date.
The dates on which a shipment or meal can be moved depend on the order’s delivery schedule (ship dates, not meal dates) and the subscription period. Dates that are past the cutoff cannot be moved.

4. New Front-end Grid Display of Recipe Cards

  1. We have added a new configuration for our recipe card display*! With this update, users can now choose to have recipe cards displayed in a single, large grid, regardless of their meal types making it easier to browse and compare multiple recipes at once.

*These features are available upon request

  1. New Meal Bundle Chooser
    1. We have made improvements to the way Meal Bundles are configured, making it that much easier to provide customers with the plans that best fit their lifestyles.

*Future improvements are yet to come. More details on this will be provided in a future release…


  1. Updated Dashboard Page
    By adding the Recent Activity table and the Order Creation and Customer Signups table to the Dashboard page, companies can now easily access real-time information on the latest orders and account creations.
  1. Visual Improvements to manage.mealtrack.comMinor adjustments have been made to the grids throughout
  2. Improvements to Mobile Screens on manage.mealtrack.comThree major screens (Dashboard, Customer Details, and Order Details) on have been adjusted to improve mobile interaction.
  3. Styling Improvements to Mobile Recipe Cards
    The recipe cards have been updated with styling improvements to enhance their mobile responsiveness.
  4. Improvements to Automated Reports sent via Email
    We have modified the automation process for sending reports via email so that reports are not sent if there isn’t any data generated at the time. However, companies can still choose to receive reports with no available data if they prefer.

Fixed Issues

  1. Style Fixes and Performance Enhancements to the Front-end Ordering Flow
    1. Fixes were made to the Cart Summary to ensure that it accurately displays updated selections.
    2. Fixes have been made to the recipe card’s text alignment, formatting, and height.
    3. Improvements have been made to recipe loading and performance.
    4. The alignment and width of the Recipe Type buttons have been adjusted.