April 22, 2024

TF #044: Unlock New Revenue Streams In Meal Delivery With Strategic Snack Offerings

TF #044: Unlock New Revenue Streams In Meal Delivery With Strategic Snack Offerings

Unlock New Revenue Streams in Meal Delivery with Strategic Snack Offerings

Diversification and innovation are key growth and customer retention strategies for business owners—especially in increasingly competitive businesses like heat-and-eat meal delivery services. As your business looks for unique ways to differentiate and scale, it’s important to look for ways to grow that enhance your value proposition while leaning into your powerful brand identity. In other words, think about your customers—why they started subscribing and love your service.

Adding snacks to your lineup

With that in mind, add-ons can be a great way to grow. While layering in family-style meals, large format holiday dinners, kids meals, desserts, and even pet food can be a good approach, for a quicker, more affordable addition, consider simple, portable snack options that align with your current menus and your audience’s expectations.  

And now is the time. Consumer behavior in the food industry has shifted towards convenience and health consciousness. Snacks that align with specific dietary needs (like keto, vegan, or high-protein options) have seen a surge in popularity. According to a report by Grand View Research, the global healthy snack market is on a robust growth trajectory and is expected to expand continuously through the coming years. Tapping into this demand by offering healthy snacks can help you capture a larger market segment.

Some other perks to leaning into the snacking boom?

Expanding Market Reach

Integrating specialized snack options, such as gluten-free chips, sugar-free granola bars, or plant-based smoothies, makes your service appealing to individuals looking for convenient meal solutions and those with specific dietary preferences or restrictions, expanding your market reach.

Offering these diverse snacks not only meets the needs of a wider customer base but also taps into emerging health trends, attracting those who are conscious about their dietary habits. This inclusion helps your brand cater to niche markets, such as individuals with food allergies or those following strict dietary regimes, significantly broadening your potential customer demographics.

Boosting Subscription Value

Adding snacks to your meal plans increases the overall value of your subscriptions. Customers perceive more value when they receive a comprehensive package that covers multiple eating occasions, from main meals to snacks. This enhanced value can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce churn, and boost long-term profitability. By providing robust snack options, you cater to different tastes and preferences, which can further personalize the customer experience. This approach enriches the customer’s daily diet and embeds your service as an integral part of their lifestyle.

Creating Opportunities for Upselling

Introducing a variety of snack options provides ample opportunities for upselling. You can encourage customers to upgrade from basic meal plans to premium options with a wider variety of snacks. This strategy helps increase your average revenue per user and enhances the overall customer experience by providing greater convenience and variety. Furthermore, offering exclusive or seasonal snacks as part of higher-tier plans can tempt customers to try new options they wouldn’t ordinarily purchase, adding a sense of novelty and excitement to their subscription.

Improving Customer Engagement

Snacks are typically consumed more frequently than meals, providing more touchpoints for customer engagement. By offering snacks, you invite customers to interact with your brand daily, which can strengthen brand affinity and foster a deeper connection with your service. This frequent engagement helps maintain top-of-mind awareness and encourages active participation in promotions and feedback mechanisms. Additionally, incorporating personalized snack recommendations based on customer preferences or past purchasing behaviors can further enhance engagement, making customers feel valued and understood by your brand.

Differentiating Your Brand

In a crowded market, it’s crucial to differentiate your service from the competition. Offering unique, healthy snack options that align with current wellness trends can position your brand as innovative and aligned with consumer lifestyles. This differentiation is vital for attracting and retaining new customers in a competitive landscape. You can keep your service exciting and relevant by continuously updating your snack offerings to include the latest health-focused products, such as snacks with superfoods or immune-boosting ingredients. This proactive approach captivates current customers and attracts health-conscious new customers seeking the latest dietary trends.

Implementing the Strategy

Successfully adding snacks to your meal delivery service involves careful planning and execution:

  • Product Selection: Choose snacks consistent with your brand’s health and quality standards. Consider snacks that complement your meals, ensuring they meet the same ingredients and nutritional criteria.
  • Supplier Partnerships: Develop relationships with suppliers who can provide high-quality, reliable products that meet your specifications. These relationships are crucial for maintaining the quality and consistency of your snacks.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Use targeted marketing strategies to introduce the new snack options to your customer base. Highlight the benefits and convenience of having snacks included in their subscription, and consider promotional campaigns to encourage trial.
  • Logistics and Packaging: Ensure that the snacks can be packaged and delivered in a way that maintains their freshness and quality. This might include investing in better packaging technology or optimizing delivery routes to shorten delivery times.


For owners of heat-and-eat meal delivery services, adding snack options to subscription plans is a strategic move that can boost customer satisfaction, improve retention rates, and increase revenues. This approach aligns with current health and convenience trends and provides a competitive edge. By carefully selecting products, managing supply chain relationships, and effectively marketing the new offerings, your service can achieve greater success and sustainability in the dynamic meal delivery industry.

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