December 18, 2023

TF #026: Expanding Your Palate: Considering Adding Kids’ Meals to Your Menu?

TF #026: Expanding Your Palate: Considering Adding Kids’ Meals to Your Menu?

Expanding Your Palate: Considering Adding Kids’ Meals to Your Menu?

As a heat-and-eat meal delivery service, expanding your menu to include kid-friendly options can be a strategic move. Introducing meals catered to younger palates has advantages and challenges as an add-on to a parent’s subscription or a standalone offering.  

So, what do you consider if you’re looking to integrate more kid-friendly options or need a way to appeal to a broader audience? Consider the perks and the drawbacks, starting here: 

Reasons to Offer Kid-Friendly Meals

If kid-friendly or kid-specific meals are about to hit your menu, consider what it takes to optimize this opportunity—and what you’ll have to consider as you expand your offerings. 

1. Expanded Market Reach

Introducing a kid-friendly menu allows your service to appeal to a broader audience. Families with children are constantly seeking convenient, healthy meal solutions. You can tap into a significant market segment by catering to this need, potentially increasing subscription rates and revenue.

2. Convenience for Parents

Parents often struggle to prepare separate meals for their children. A kid-friendly meal option provides the convenience of having nutritious, ready-to-eat meals for children, saving time and reducing meal prep stress. This convenience factor can be a strong selling point for busy families.

3. Nutritional Benefits

Creating a kid-friendly menu allows your heat-and-eat business to offer nutritionally balanced meals designed specifically for children’s needs. These meals can incorporate the right calories, vitamins, and minerals essential for children’s growth and development, aligning with parents’ desire for healthy options.

4. Educational Opportunity

Your business can use this opportunity to educate children about healthy eating habits. Fun and engaging packaging and informative content about the ingredients and their benefits can make mealtimes both educational and enjoyable for children.

5. Brand Loyalty

Families who find a meal service catering to the entire household are likelier to remain loyal customers. By satisfying the needs of both parents and children, you can foster long-term relationships with its subscribers.

Challenges to Adding Kid-Friendly Meals

While young foodies can be a great audience to tap into—and a smart way to leverage existing relationships with parents and grandparents already subscribing—there are some unique drawbacks to welcoming kids into the heat-and-eat experience

1. Menu Complexity

Developing a kid-friendly menu adds complexity to your service. It requires careful consideration of nutritional needs, portion sizes, and child-friendly flavors, which may demand additional research and development resources.

2. Allergy and Dietary Concerns

Children often have specific dietary restrictions and allergies. Catering to these needs can be challenging and requires rigorous attention to detail in meal preparation and ingredient sourcing to avoid cross-contamination.

3. Varying Taste Preferences

Children’s taste preferences can be unpredictable and vary widely. Creating a menu that appeals to a broad range of tastes without becoming too generic is a delicate balance. Finding recipes that are universally appealing to young customers may require trial and error.

4. Increased Marketing Efforts

Promoting a kid-friendly menu demands additional marketing efforts targeted specifically toward families. This requires understanding the dynamics of family decision-making and creating campaigns that resonate with parents and children.

5. Packaging and Safety

Meals intended for children need to be packaged in a way that is appealing, safe, and easy for kids to handle. This might mean investing in child-friendly packaging, which could increase costs.

Balancing the Pros and Cons

All of this said, if you do opt to move ahead with a kids menu either permanently or, even, seasonally (back-to-school 2024, anyone?), make sure you’re focused on understanding your audience, their diverse needs, and where your business fits in their mealtime experiences. 

1. Market Research and Feedback

Before launching a kid-friendly menu, conducting thorough market research and gathering feedback from existing subscribers can provide valuable insights. This research can guide menu development and ensure the offerings align with customer needs and preferences.

2. Focused Nutritional Planning

Collaborating with nutritionists and pediatric dietitians can ensure that the meals are appealing and nutritionally appropriate for children. This collaboration can help in addressing dietary concerns and allergies effectively.

3. Pilot Programs and Sampling

Running pilot programs or offering sample menus to a small group of subscribers can be an effective way to test the waters. Feedback from these trials can help refine the menu and address any issues before a full-scale launch.

4. Engaging Marketing Strategies

Develop creative and engaging marketing strategies that speak to both parents and children. Storytelling, character-driven content, and interactive elements can make marketing campaigns more appealing and effective.

5. Sustainability and Safety in Packaging

Consider sustainable and safe packaging options that are both eco-friendly and child-friendly. Innovative packaging that is easy to open, resealable, and resistant to spills can enhance the appeal of the meals.


Offering a kid-friendly heat-and-eat menu presents a unique opportunity for your business to expand its customer base and meet the growing needs of families. While there are challenges in menu development, dietary considerations, and marketing, the potential benefits of market reach, customer loyalty, and brand differentiation are significant.  

By carefully weighing the pros and cons and implementing strategic approaches to address the challenges, your subscription service can successfully introduce a kid-friendly menu that appeals to eaters of all ages. 

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