November 27, 2023

TF #023: Navigating Holiday Offers: Are Free Trials a Recipe for Success in Meal Subscriptions?

TF #023: Navigating Holiday Offers: Are Free Trials a Recipe for Success in Meal Subscriptions?

Navigating Holiday Offers: Are Free Trials a Recipe for Success in Meal Subscriptions?

As the holiday season approaches, businesses in the heat and eat meal subscription industry often lob their biggest promotions of the year. From Black Friday and Cyber Monday to charitable initiatives surrounding Giving Tuesday and all of the heavy gifting weeks leading up to end of year, all eyes are on great gifts at great prices. So it’s no surprise this time of year we see tons of offers for free trials, free meals, and more. 

It makes sense—free trials and giveaways are instantly engaging and tend to drive significant engagement and social buzz. But while these strategies can be effective in driving short-term interest, they come with their own set of challenges and implications for long-term business health. Here’s what you need to know before jumping on the free giveaway bandwagon this season.

PROS of Offering Free Trials

It’s clear free trial offers have several potential benefits for meal subscription businesses, especially during the holiday season. From enhancing brand visibility to fostering customer loyalty, these pros offer a glimpse into how free trials can positively impact your business in multiple ways, including:

Increased Visibility

Free trials can boost your brand’s visibility. The holiday season, with its spirit of giving and indulgence, provides a perfect backdrop for such offers, attracting potential customers who are looking for convenient, festive meal options.

Customer Acquisition

A well-timed free trial can be a powerful tool for customer acquisition. It lowers the barrier to entry, allowing potential customers to experience your service without financial commitment—which can be another win for customer service and satisfaction during the always-expensive holiday season. 

Feedback and Improvement

Free trials provide an opportunity to gather valuable feedback. Customers who try your products can offer insights that can be used to improve your meal offerings and service.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Satisfied trial users are likely to recommend your service to others, especially during the holiday season when family and social gatherings are frequent.

CONS of Offering Free Trials

On the flip side, it’s important to consider the potential challenges associated with offering free trials, particularly in the high-stakes environment of the holiday season. To be successful with free trial promotions in the long-term, teams need careful strategic planning and resource management to ensure these high-value promotions don’t inadvertently harm the company’s viability and brand reputation. Consider: 

  • Cost Implications: Offering free trials, especially during a high-demand season like the holidays, can be costly. It’s essential to balance the cost of the product, delivery, and any additional holiday-themed packaging or marketing.
  • Customer Retention Challenges: Converting trial users to paying customers can be challenging. There’s a risk that many will discontinue the service once the trial period ends, especially if they only signed up for the holiday-specific offerings.
  • Operational Strain: The influx of trial users can strain your resources. Ensuring that your supply chain and customer service can handle the increased volume is crucial to maintain quality.  
  • Diluting Brand Value: Frequent or poorly targeted free trials can dilute the perceived value of your brand, making it harder to justify regular pricing later on.

What to Consider Before Offering Free Trials

Still laning towards free trial offers now or in the future? Before finalizing your offers, ensure you have the following insights and next steps:

  • Target Audience: Understand who your ideal customers are and tailor your trials to appeal to this group, rather than a broad, unsegmented market.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Calculate the potential return on investment. Consider the costs of acquiring a customer through a free trial versus other marketing strategies.
  • Service and Product Readiness: Ensure your service and products are at their best. First impressions matter, and the trial might be your only chance to impress a potential long-term customer.
  • Post-Trial Engagement Strategy: Plan how you will engage with trial users after the trial period. This might include special offers, follow-up surveys, or personalized recommendations.

Are Free Trials Good for Business?

The answer? In short…maybe. The answer largely depends on your business’s unique context and how well you execute the trial offer. For some, free trials during the holidays can lead to a significant boost in customer numbers and brand awareness. For others, it might result in temporary gains but not long-term growth. To maximize the benefits, consider the following strategies:

  • Limited Time Offers: Make the free trial a limited-time offer to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity.
  • Personalization: Personalize the trial experience as much as possible to demonstrate the value of your subscription service.
  • Seamless Transition to Paid Service: Make the transition from trial to paid subscription as seamless as possible, with a special discount for trial users who continue with the service—and be sure to capture credit card information when people opt in for free trials or offers.
  • Analyze and Learn: Collect data and analyze the performance of your trial offers. Use this information to refine future strategies..


The takeaway? While free trials can be a simple, effective way to attract new customers especially during the holiday season, they require careful planning and execution. By considering the pros and cons and aligning the offer with your business goals and capacities, you can decide whether this strategy aligns with your brand’s vision for growth and customer satisfaction. Cheers! 

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