June 26, 2023

TF #002: Menu Building – How to write your menu descriptions

TF #002: Menu Building – How to write your menu descriptions

You know your food, and you know your customers—and we have no doubt you can make outstanding dishes that will keep them coming back for more. But a lot of businesses in the heat-and-eat industry don’t pay enough attention to a key aspect of turning visitors into lifelong customers: writing killer menu descriptions. We have some advice that might help.

The key here is telling a story. This ties back into your branding, because your marketing messaging and positioning are your secret ingredients for success! Your messaging is the persuasive language that will grab customers’ attention and get them excited about your menu. It’s all about crafting those mouthwatering descriptions that make taste buds tingle and cravings kick in.

And positioning? Well, that’s about finding your unique spot in the crowded heat-and-eat market. You need to figure out what makes your business different and better, and then let your messaging highlight those strengths—generally speaking, it’s how you’re presenting yourself and your business to the world, and it’s what will make you stand out among your competition.

So, when you’re writing your menu descriptions, you’ll want to show the value and benefits of your dishes in a way that speaks to your target audience. Whether it’s describing the farm-fresh ingredients, the secret family recipes, your competitive pricing, or the convenient delivery service, make sure your messaging is as delicious as the food you serve!

What makes you unique?

When it comes to communicating your business’s unique aspects, think of it as sharing your special flavor with the world! Start by identifying what makes you stand out from the crowd. Maybe it’s your commitment to using organic and locally-sourced ingredients, or perhaps it’s the way you infuse global flavors into classic dishes. Whatever it is, shout it from the rooftops (or, well, through your marketing channels)!

Craft menu descriptions that highlight these unique aspects. Describe the farm-fresh produce that goes into your salads or the secret family recipe that makes your sauce irresistible. Share stories about the inspiration behind your dishes or the expert techniques your chefs use to create culinary magic. And don’t forget to emphasize the convenience and top-notch service you provide, like consistent delivery times or hassle-free customization options. By effectively communicating what sets you apart, you’ll entice customers with your unique flavor and keep them coming back for more!

Crafting Menu Descriptions That Tell a Story—YOUR Story!

Your menu should go beyond simple listings and instead use descriptive language to create a narrative around each dish. Bring the flavors to life by explaining how each bite carries a story that showcases your creativity and expertise. Highlight the inspiration behind your unique twists on traditional recipes, giving customers a glimpse into the culinary journey they are about to embark on.

Have you ever watched a movie for the first time and thought, “Hey, this feels like it was directed by David Lynch?” (or some other director), only to later find out that you were right? That’s because good directors infuse their movies with their unmistakable style and form. Ideally, your menu descriptions will be instantly recognizable as yours—obviously fitting with your brand, but in a more general sense fitting with your overall story.

Mastering the Art of Convenience

Don’t forget that your menu descriptions are more than just a place to sell something—they should also guide customers through a seamless ordering process. That can have selling value on its own if you emphasize the convenience and flexibility your ordering flow offers. Let customers know they have the power to tailor their meals to their cravings and dietary preferences. Highlight the joy of having delicious, high-quality food delivered straight to their doorstep, making their lives easier while satisfying their cravings. You’re doing more than selling them a nice dinner; you’re selling them the simplicity of not having to cook—or leave their house!

Communicating the Unforgettable Experience

Invite customers to immerse themselves in your menu descriptions and discover what truly sets your food delivery business apart. Emphasize the combination of fresh ingredients, creative flair, and unparalleled convenience that makes your food delivery experience truly unforgettable. Paint a vivid picture of the flavor explosion and excitement they can expect from your unique menu offerings, igniting their anticipation and leaving a lasting impression. And the specific language you use should always reflect who you are as a brand.

Remember, the key to effective menu descriptions lies in engaging customers through enticing storytelling. Your menu descriptions are a platform to showcase the uniqueness of your meal prep business, captivating both their taste buds and imaginations. Get ready to wow them with exceptional flavors, seamless convenience, and an unforgettable culinary adventure that will keep them coming back for more.

The Takeaway

Crafting compelling menu descriptions is crucial if you want to create lifelong customers. Don’t forget that your menu represents your business—and it’s the most direct way you’re going to talk to your customers. When your descriptions tell a story with persuasive language, you highlight what sets you apart by showcasing your unique brand and can emphasize what makes you convenient. Go beyond simple listings with nutritional information (though don’t skimp on those details if your customers like it!) and create a narrative around each dish. That’s the best way to introduce customers to your brand’s story—and set them up for an unforgettable culinary experience.

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