July 17, 2023

TF #004: Nourishing Partnerships: A Strategic Approach

TF #004: Nourishing Partnerships: A Strategic Approach

Heat-and-eat meal prep services are quickly carving out a major niche in the subscription delivery market֫—but with the landscape becoming increasingly crowded, leaning into high-value partnerships is key. Partners like gyms studios, nutritionists, and other wellness-centric communities can put your brand front-and-center before like-minded prospects looking for quick, convenient, and healthy meal options, often without the upfront cost or broad reach of traditional marketing campaigns.  

As you’re exploring potential partners, consider this: 

#1. Consider the mutual benefits  

Meal prep services and fitness centers both revolve around one thing: promoting a healthier lifestyle. As you’re engaging prospective partners, don’t lose sight of that rock-solid foundation—and how you can benefit a gym or studio’s members. 

By providing balanced, nutritious meals, your heat-and-eat brand can help gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts meet their dietary needs. And keep in mind this connection isn’t just beneficial for your business or for the gym-goers you’re servicing. It’s also a win for gyms and fitness centers that, now, can start promoting a more comprehensive wellness solution without the overhead or increased headcount. Partnering with local gyms can also provide your business with regular pickup locations for your food, which can help increase your revenue opportunity.  

#2. Consider the community aspect  

Collaboration with local gyms, fitness centers, and other wellness-minded facilities can be an ideal opportunity to build community—and that’s a perk for your business and your partners. By offering exclusive discounts, in-studio pickup, onsite health workshops, and other perks, you can help create a strong connection between members and participants—people unified over their common wellness goals and strategies. This sense of community can increase customer loyalty and retention, positively influencing growth and sustainability for both the gym or studio you’re working with and your meal prep service. 

#3. Consider the cross-promotional benefits  

As you’re approaching potential partner locations, these perks are key to getting decision-makers excited about the relationship—but the benefits don’t end there. By partnering, you’re creating a dynamic environment for cross promotions. Not only can locations promote your heat-and-eat services through onsite, digital, and email outreach, but your business can do the same.  

Consider offering bundled packages to promote cross-sell opportunities—gym members who subscribe to your meal delivery service and subscribers who join your partner gyms, for example. By adding value for both meal delivery subscribers and gym members you can help increase engagement and profitability for both sides, expanding and deepening relationships with targeted partners.  

#4. Consider partners outside the studio  

As you’re building out your prospective partner list, don’t limit yourself to gyms and traditional fitness and wellness facilities. Increasingly businesses are recognizing the importance of supporting employee health through corporate wellness programs. Partnering with a meal subscription service can help companies enhance these offerings even more. Instead of employees relying on unhealthy takeaway options or skipping meals when the workday gets busy, heat-and-eat meals offer a simple, time-efficient solution that also meets their nutritional needs. This collaboration has the potential to increase employee satisfaction, reduce absenteeism, and ultimately drive productivity—a win-win-win for employees, partner organizations, and your meal prep business. 

The Takeaway

The next step? Think big and consider the value you can lend to potential partners. With that in mind, you’ll be ready to starting reaching out and identifying prospective gyms, studios, and other businesses who can benefit from offering your meal subscription service—and give you access to an engaged, active audience focused on their health and well-being. 

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