October 2, 2023

TF #015: Breakfast: How to capitalize your business on the most important meal of the day

TF #015: Breakfast: How to capitalize your business on the most important meal of the day

Breakfast: How to capitalize your business on the most important meal of the day

We’ve all heard it—and, likely, said it: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But for many of your subscribers and prospects, eating breakfast can be a challenge—57% of Americans say they don’t have time to make breakfast during the work week. This presents a unique opportunity for heat and eat meal subscription services.

By offering breakfast options, these businesses can tap into a vast, ever-growing market and provide their customers with a convenient and wholesome start to their day. Here’s a look at the benefits of including heat and eat breakfast options in your meal subscription service and some tips on how to kickstart this initiative.

Benefits of Offering Heat & Eat Breakfast Options:

#1. Meeting a Growing Demand

With the hectic schedules of modern life, many people are looking for quick and easy breakfast solutions that don’t compromise on nutrition or taste. Offering heat-and eat options can cater to this demand, ensuring your business remains relevant and customer-centric.

#2. Expanding Your Customer Base

Expanding Your Customer Base By diversifying your offerings to include breakfast, you tap into a new segment of potential customers. From busy professionals to families on-the-go, there’s a broad audience out there looking for hassle-free breakfast options.

#3. Increased Sales and Revenue

Offering more meal options naturally means customers have more opportunities to make purchases. By adding breakfast items, you not only attract new customers but also increase the average order value as existing subscribers might be inclined to add breakfast to their regular orders.

#4. Strengthening Customer Loyalty

Regularly introducing new and diverse meal options can keep your customers intrigued and engaged. By meeting their breakfast needs, you’re also increasing their dependency on your service, leading to higher retention rates.

Getting Started with Breakfast Add-ons

Ready to test-drive heat-and-eat breakfast add-ons and subscriptions? Here’s how to dive in:

#1. Research and Understand Your Audience

Before promoting new breakfast options, take the time to understand your audience’s breakfast preferences. Use surveys, feedback forms, or even casual conversations to gather insights into what types of breakfasts they’d be interested in.

#2. Curate a Diverse Menu

Diversity is key when it comes to breakfast. Offer a mix of protein-packed options, grain-based choices like oatmeal or granola bowls, and lighter options such as fruit yogurts or smoothie bowls. Remember to cater to different dietary requirements, including gluten-free, vegan, and low-calorie options.

#3. Quality Ingredients Matter

As with all meals, the quality of ingredients plays a pivotal role in the final taste and nutritional value. Source high-quality, fresh ingredients, and highlight their origins and benefits in your marketing materials.

#4. Test and Iterate

Before a full-scale launch, consider introducing a few breakfast options as a test run. Gather feedback, understand what works and what doesn’t, and refine your offerings based on customer responses.

#5. Packaging and Heating Instructions

Breakfasts, especially items like oat bowls or yogurt parfaits, can have multiple components. Ensure your packaging keeps ingredients fresh and separate when necessary. Don’t forget to provide clear heating or preparation instructions.

#6. Marketing and Promotions

Let your customers know about your new offerings. Use social media, email newsletters, and special promotions to drive awareness and excitement. Consider offering a discount or a free breakfast item for the first few orders to generate interest.

#7. Feedback Loop

Always keep the feedback loop open. Encourage customers to share their thoughts and continuously refine your breakfast menu based on their preferences.


With all of this in mind, your next step is to weigh the pros and cons and decide what makes sense for your business. For many, incorporating heat-and-eat breakfast options is a strategic move with numerous benefits. Not only does it tap into a significant market demand, but it also provides opportunities for business growth, diversification, and enhanced customer loyalty.

By understanding your audience, ensuring quality, and continuously iterating based on feedback, you can successfully launch and maintain a breakfast line that keeps your customers coming back—and sets you apart from the competition.

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